Investment Areas
The equity investments are spread across 9,000 companies to capture global value creation and diversify risk as best possible. About 70 percent of the fund is invested in equities.
Fixed income
The fixed-income investments are allocated bonds issued by governments and related institutions and securities issued by companies. About 30 percent of the fund is invested in fixed income. 
Real estate 
We invest in high-quality real estate in a limited number of major cities and global distribution networks. Up to 7 percent of the fund can be invested in unlisted real estate. 
Infrastructure for renewable energy
We invest in infrastructure for renewable energy. Mainly wind and solar projects in Europe and North America. Up to 2 percent of the fund can be invested in unlisted infrastructure for renewable energy. 

Investment insights

The fund’s investment decisions are based on research and analysis of the developments in financial markets and the global economy. We share internal research and analysis as well as content from conferences or seminars. We invite to dialogue and have a strong collaboration with academics, peers and practitioners with an aim to improving the investment strategy and our results.

Investment risk

The value of the fund may fluctuate considerably from year to year. We use a variety of measures and risk analyses to obtain the broadest possible picture of the fund's market risk.